Dispatches From The Bunker

Issue 9


Table of Contents

German Mighty Maus AFV Data Card, by Provost, Vic, Dispatches From the Bunker 9:Insert - German PzKpfw Maus Variant -Player Aid
Tactical Tips for Veterans: Read the Rule Book! by Nogueira, Carl, Dispatches From the Bunker 9:Backpage - Mapboard & Rally Phase Rules Analysis
* Tactical Tips for Novices: Stacking, by Ruta, Tom, Dispatches From the Bunker 9:Backpage


DB017: Onslaught on Orsha DB018: Special Delivery DB-Maus: The Mighty Maus

Issue 9 is a free sample, available online for your review. Click on the thumbnails to view the pages.



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