Dispatches From The Bunker

Issue 17

Fall 2003

Table of Contents

Fun in the Slop, by Jim Torkelson (bad weather)
Ultimate Treachery (of the Rules Variety), by Jim Torkelson (analysis of scenario J76)
First Crack at Hellzapoppin' Ridge: Scenario Analysis, by Vic Provost
Night Assault at Vodotyi: Scenario Analysis, by Vic Provost
Centauro On a Flank: Scenario Analysis, by Vic Provost
Tactical Tips for Novices: White Phosphorus Hand Grenades
Tactical Tips for Veterans: Read the Rule Book! by Carl Nogueira


DB036: First Crack at Hellzapoppin' Ridge DB037: Night Assault at Vodotyi DB038: Centauro On A Flank

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