Dispatches From The Bunker

Issue 20

Spring, 2005


Dispatch #20, saw its debut this past weekend at the Nor'Easter tournament. It being our 20th Issue, we felt that we would do something special for it, so it is in color, and received a nicely positive response at the tournament.

As usual we have the three action-packed scenarios, including analysis for each, including another Tourney style action from Steve Johns: Hill 731, this one portraying the Italian offensive into Greece during the Axis invasion of the Balkans in '41.

An Italian Combined Arms Force is attacking a Greek border defense unit on Board 11. Quick playing and action packed with these Minor forces. Also seen in this Issue will be the Backhand Blow, a Kharkov '43 slug-fest, with the 1st SS trying to smash its way into the Factory District of the city through a mixed Russian defense. Last but not least, the first in our 45th 'Thunderbirds' Infantry Division series, this one in southern France in 1944 with the Americans defending key buildings with the help of the French Resistance against a nasty counterattack by the famed 11th Panzer, the 'Ghost' Division. We've had a ball testing these, and hope they will be fun for all.
We'll also have another fine article co-authored by Jim Torkelson and Vince O'Connell, looking at the game from a novice perspective. Also on tap will be Carl Nogueira's tactical Tips, a look back at both the 2004 Bunker Bash and the New York State ASL Championship held last December in Albany, and a look at the Nor'Easter Tournament.


by Bruce Probst

Table of Contents

Nor'Easter VIII 2005 Preview/NY ASL 2004 Championship Review/Bunker Bash 2004 Review
ASL Tourneys And the Rules Behind Them
Hill 731: Scenario Analysis
The Backhand Blow: Scenario Analysis
Ghosts and Thunderbirds: Scenario Analysis
Tactical Tips for Novices: Bring 'Em Back Alive (Prisioners in ASL)
Tactical Tips for Veterans (A8.22-8.26)


DB045: The Backhand Blow DB046: Hill 731 DB047: Ghosts And Thunderbirds

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