Dispatches From The Bunker

Issue 21

Fall, 2005


Dispatches from the Bunker #21 shipped out September 27. This labor of love contains the usual 3 scenarios, 2 of which are excellent Steve Johns designs:

Erstwhile Allies, set in 1942 Algeria portraying some of the initial fighting by the Big Red 1 Infantry Division as it tries to wrest control of Board 22 buildings from some tough French Legionnaires,

and Wetlet, a nasty '45 fight between die hard Japanese and Commonwealth Indian units at Wetlet in Burma. Steve makes great use of overlays on board 49 giving it a different feel and showing how one can change the complexion of a board without going completely overboard with them. Both are Tourney style and have thumbs up rave reviews at the Bunker.

Our 3rd scenario, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, is the second in our Thunderbirds series and first design by Bunker Crewman Joe Gochinski. It is a meaty action set in Sicily as the 45th 'Thunderbirds' Infantry Division assault the airfield at Biscari. What makes for extra excitement and intrigue with this one is the variable OB additions that BOTH sides choose to augment their at start OBs. This makes for initial Fog of War and added replayability for what should develop over time into a real Dispatches Classic. This one gave us results all over the map in playtesting. Also on tap will be another Jim Torkelson article, Carl Nogueira's Tactical Tips and my look at HOBs Beyond the Beachhead.

Table of Contents

Nor'Easter VIII 2005 Review
Heating Up Vulcan's Forge
Scenario Analysis
HOB's Beyond the Beachead
ROAR Report
Tactical Tips for Novices (A20.221-20.53): Bring 'Em Back Alive (Prisioners in ASL), Part 2
Tactical Tips for Veterans (B24.1-24.121): Making a Mess: Rubble + Fire in ASL: Rubble, Part 1


DB048: Earstwhile Allies DB049: Wetlet DB050: The Fabulous Thunderbirds

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