British National Capabilities Sheet

(Including Commonwealth and Free French)

Ordnance To Hit color: Black

OBA Access: 8 black/2 red (C1.211).

HOB DRM of -1 (Nationality) (A15.1).

Gurkha: -1 CC DRM (even during Melee) vs Infantry/Cavalry, never Disrupt (A19.12), never surrender during Rout Phase (A20.21), considered Commandos (H1.24) unless Green (A25.43).

On a Final HOB DR greater than or equal to 12 Gurkhas become Beserk (A15.5).

Guardsmen, Gurkha, ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand), Free French, Polish, and Canadian forces are to be considered as Elite (A25.4).

ANZAC forces always have Stealth (A11.17) advantages unless Green (A25.44).

British Elite and 1st Line troops are immune to cowering (A25.45).

British may begin to place WP beginning in 1944 (A25.46).

Special Ammunition Depletion Numbers are increased by one for Elite units (C8.2, An92, An95w, An96).

Assault Engineers, Sappers, Commandos are Elite units (H1.22 - .24).

HEAT available starting 1943+ (C8.3).

ANZAC, Gurkhas, Commandos are considered Stealthy at Night (A11.17, E1.61).

Free French use British rules and counters (F.8) (EXC: cowering (A25.45)) and have Assault Fire capabilities (A7.36).

6-4-8 (Elite)

4-5-8 (Elite)

4-5-7 (1st Line)

4-4-7 (2nd Line)

4-3-6 (Green)