Finnish National Capabilities Sheet

In Finland, all units may attempt Self-Rally in ANY Rally Phase, are not subject to Cowering, may Deploy W/O Leadership (by passing a 1TC), may Recombine W/O Leadership and have Stealth Advantages (unless Green) (A25.7)

Finns are not eligible for Field Promotion (A25.71, A18)

HOB DRM of -1 (for Nationality) (A15.1)

Ordnance To Hit color: Red

OBA Access: 6 black/3red

Special Ammunition Depletion Numbers are increased by one for Elite units (C8.2, An92, An95w, An96).

Assault Engineers, Sappers, Commandos are Elite units (H1.22 - .24).

8-3-8 (Sissi)

6-4-8 (1st Line)

5-3-8 (Green)