Italian National Capabilities Sheet

May not attempt Escape unless abandoned (A20.55)

HOB DRM of +3 for Nationality (A15.1)

1st Line and Conscripts - may not Deploy (A1.31, A25.61); +1 CC Capture attempt DRM is NA (A25.63); Non-Elite are considered Lax (A25.64, E1.62); Non-Elite must take a 1PAATC instead of a PAATC when required (A25.65, A19.34, A11.6, A12.41, D7.21).

Ordnance TO HIT color: red

OBA Access: 7 black/3 red (C1.211)

Special Ammunition Depletion Numbers are increased by one for Elite units (C8.2, An92, An95w, An96).

Assault Engineers, Sappers, Commandos are Elite units (H1.22 - .24).

For all Pre-April 1942 Axis troops (Exc: Finns) during Extreme Winter the B#/X# of all ordnance/SW (except DC) decreases by two (E3.741).

A Pre-April 1942 Axis unit (not in a building or pillbox) that makes an original Rally DR (during Extreme Winter) greater than or equal to 11 suffers Casualty Reduction (Exc: Finns) (E3.742).

A Pre-April 1942 Axis Scenario Defender (Exc: Finns) during Extreme Winter that sets up a motorized vehicle onboard and not in motion must make a dr before that vehicle starts up; on a dr of 6 it is immobilized (E3.744).

All Pre-October 1941 Axis vehicles (EXC: motorcycles) in North African scenarios are assumed to have their MP printed in RED (D2.5-.51).

4-4-7 (Elite)

3-4-7 (1st Line - Bersaglieri)

3-4-6 (1st Line)

3-3-6 (Conscripts)