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System Design

Design Analysis: ASL Notes (system designer's notes), by Don Greenwood, The General 22:6:17-18
Staff Briefing: Bob McNamara interview, by Rex Martin, The General 23:2:26-28
Confessions of an ASL Fanatic, by Jim Stahler, The General 25:1:45-46
An Analysis of Squad FP Values, View From the Trenches 26/27: 8
Armour Studies Revised, by Charles Markuss, View From the Trenches 26/27: 10

Modules and Games

Coming Attractions: Last Hurrah, by Rex Martin, The General 25:1:51, 55
Coming Attractions: Red Barricades, by Charles Kibler, The General 25:6:23-24

Campaign Games

Creating a Platoon Leader CG, by Tim Hundsdorfer, ASL Digest 6.5 (August 5, 1996)

Scenario Design

* ONLY THE ENEMY IN FRONT - Neil Stevens' Design notes for vftt4.
* Grace Under Pressure: A Look at Scenario Design, by Guy Chaney, ASL Annual '93a
* Coming Attractions: Last Hurrah, by Rex Martin, The General 25:1:51, 55
* Scenario Design: Science or Art?, by Swann, Steven C., Critical Hit 3.1:28 - Scenario Design Tips/Steps
* Monsieur CX, by Martin, Kurt, At the Point 8/9:27 (1991, Hanna Business Group) - Comments on Scenario Design
* The Killer Elite, by Troha, Rick, Rout Report 5.2:13 (Dec-95Dagger) - Who Designed What Scenario List
* How to Design a Scenario, Rudy Marmaro
* Foggy Breakdown: A Challenge to Designers, by Matt Shostak, Banzai!! 9.1:13 (January, 2004, Austin ASL Club)
* The Makings of a Classic, by Matt Cicero, Hit The Beach! 8:3:6 (September 2003, Southern California ASL Club)
* Game Design, DYO…Why Do We Do It? by Bryan Earll, Hit The Beach! 7:3:5 (August 2002, Southern California ASL Club)
* D.Y.O. Scenario Design, By Evan “got SP?” Sherry, Hit The Beach! 6:1:10 (January 2001, Southern California ASL Club)
* The Percentage of Firepower, by Mark C. Nixon, ASL Journal 4:37 (2002, Multi-Man Publishing)


Pantone Color Codes for ASL Counters
Number of leader counters from each module
Numbers of Squads and Half Squad counters from each module and total
Number of Support Weapons in each module
ASL TOE Conversion
The famed Dicetowers of Sam Belcher
Sam Belcher's Gaming Table
DIY ASL COUNTER TYPE GUIDE - For the budding do-it-yourself ASL counter maker, a handy guide to the typefaces you'll need to do it all proper-like. 398kb
* Converting from ATS to ASL, by Chris Riches, View From the Trenches 55/56:27 (May - Aug 2004)

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