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Information about Scenarios

* Scott Brady's The Chronology of War 7.0 with info on well over 2100 Advanced Squad Leader scenarios. (another source) (and another)
* The Chronology of War 5.0 available in a net version and as a download. Another source.
* Advanced Squad Leader Module & Scenario Description Page, partial scenario listing
* General Scenarios for ASL, The General 30:2:17
* ASL Scenarios Published in The General, a listing
* Where are They Now.?, by Walz, Mark S., View From the Trenches 26/27:28 (May-99) - SL to ASL Scenario Conversion List
* Where are they now . . . ? by Mark S. Walz (Squad Leader scenario conversion list), View From the Trenches 41: 15
* The Killer Elite, by Troha, Rick, Rout Report 5.2:13 (Dec-95, Dagger) - Who Designed What Scenario List
* It’s a Matter of Balance, by Mike Seningen, Banzai!! 7.1:2 (Feb 2002, Austin ASL Club) - Playing unbalanced scenarios against newbies
* Scenario Balances - Balance analysis of reported scenarios
* The Grognards Speak!: “Monster Scenarios” by The SoCal List, Hit The Beach! 6:4:5 (November 2001, Southern California ASL Club)
* The Grognard Speaks: “Learning ASL, One Scenario at a Time” By Bob Smith, Hit The Beach! 6:2:6 (April 2001, Southern California ASL Club)


* ROAR - Remote On-line Automated Record. The most comprehensive rating scheme.
* Hall of Fame: 2002 Scenario Hall of Fame, by Robert Wolkey, ASL Journal 4:15 (2002, Multi-Man Publishing)
* The Bad - Toby Pilling looks at his least favourite scenarios, View From the Trenches 34/35: 11
* The Good - Toby Pilling looks at some of his favourite scenarios, View From the Trenches 33:9
* Scenario Suggestions, by the Wild West Guys, ASL Digest 6.8 (October 15, 1996)
* Scenario Ratings, WWF Crue, ASL Digest 6.10 (December 15, 1996)
* Faves and Dogs - Several lists of "bests" and "worsts"
* Personal 10s, by Mark Nixon, ASL Journal 1:44
* The Killer Elite, by Rick Troha (w/ Kurt Martin), a list of good, interesting official scenarios
* Desert Island Scenarios, by Andrew Dando, View From the Trenches 43/44:28
* Favorite Scenarios: Sam Tyson, Banzai!! 7.1:10 (Feb 2002, Austin ASL Club)
* Favorite Scenarios: Tom Gillis, Banzai!! 8.1:14 (March, 2003, Austin ASL Club)
* Favorite Scenarios: Jim Ferrell, Banzai!! 8.2:9 (September, 2003, Austin ASL Club)
* Favorite Scenarios: Jeff Taylor, Banzai!! 9.1:13 (January, 2004, Austin ASL Club)
* Favorite Scenarios: Whoever dies with the most scenarios wins, by John Slotwinski, Conscripts! 1.2:4 (Jan-01, D.C. Conscripts)
* The Grognard Speaks: “Learning ASL, One Scenario at a Time” By Bob Smith, Hit The Beach! 6:2:6 (April 2001, Southern California ASL Club) - scenarios recommended for learning
* Where Do I Start? OBA Scenarios, by Bob Smith, Hit The Beach! 6:1:10 (January 2001, Southern California ASL Club)

Scenario Balance

The Numbers Game: A Look at the 1992 ASL Competition, by Russ Gifford, The General 28:3:29-31

Information on Individual Scenarios

Scenarios for Downloading

ASLWebDexASLUG Scenario Archive: 21 Classic Scenarios
ASLWebDexDesert Rats Archive: 8 Desert Scenarios
The Provence Pack:  Ya can't beat free official MMP-released scenarios.

Deluxe ASL Scenario 1 Guryev's Headquarters
Deluxe ASL Scenario 2 Berserk!
Deluxe ASL Scenario 3 Storming the Factory
Deluxe ASL Scenario 4 First to Strike
Deluxe ASL Scenario 5 Little Stalingrad
Deluxe ASL Scenario 6 Draconian Measures
  Deluxe ASL Scenario 7 With Flame and Shell
Deluxe ASL Scenario 8 The Schoolhouse
Deluxe ASL Scenario 9 Preparing the Way
Deluxe ASL Scenario 10 The Final Battle

Tactiques Scenarios! - all the famed Coastal Fortress translations
Tactiques Scenarios Translated 1-23 (pdf)
Tactiques Scenario Archive - These are jpg scans of the scenarios.  All the scenarios are up in French, three have been partially translated.
Made in Germany"/Mortain scenario set
: Eight PDF Scenarios focusing on US-German action in 1944, by Klaus Fischer
Götterdämmerung is a multi-player scenario for 4 players with OB and VC unknown to the enemy. It is played on the Lg map of KGP, by Klaus Fischer
Three-Castle Bridge, a fictionary scenario by Klaus Fischer
Armored Banzai: An HTML scenario by Dan Owsen
View From the Trenches: The scenarios and the rest
ASLOK Scenarios - Couple of text scenarios
Scenario Notes for the Spanish Civil War - 100+ first drafts of SCW scenarios
Three HTML Scenarios
Le Franc Tireur - A ZIP file containing English versions of the 12 scenarios from French ASL 'zine Le Franc Tireur
ASLOK 1: Riposte at Dusk
ASLOK 2: Border Clash
Midway 1942 hypothetical Midway scenarios and VASL map
Aprilia: The Factoy Come play in the fields of the Anzio Beachhead! - VASL map and scenarios
Jeff Shields' Scenario Designs
BP 2: Melfa Bridgehead
JA1: One Puka Puka, from the old ASL Crossroads
JA4: A Triangle of Buggers, from the old ASL Crossroads
Scenario ASLML1! by Rodney Kinney
Phoenix 91.1: Breaking Out of the Cauldron; Demise of the King's African Rifles, by Mike Seningen
Phoenix 91.2: Even Tigers Must Beware the Ides of March! by Mike Seningen
Phoenix 91.3: For God, Queen, and Country.......Volunteering Again! by Mike Seningen
Phoenix 91.4: Last Gasp of the Wacht an Rhein! by Mike Seningen
Phoenix 91.5: Fifty Years Ago Today: Greeks Counter Italian Invasion, by Mike Seningen
Phoenix 91.6: With a Little Help From Our Friends, by Mike Seningen
Phoenix 91.7: The Defiance of the Narvik Military Academy, by Mike Seningen
China-1: The Defense of Shanghai University, by Michael Tisdel
MU 1: Mean Quick Raid, by Mustafa Unlu
MT 1: Gela 1: Force X Arrives! by Michael Tisdel
MT 2: Gela 2: The Relief of Company F, by Michael Tisdel
MT 3: Gela 3: Seize the Cathedral! by Michael Tisdel
Popcorn 1: The Duel, by Tom Repetti, ASL Digest 2.9
Popcorn 2: The Dirty Dozen - Back For More, ASL Digest 2.9
Popcorn 3: Ride of the Valkyries, by John Foley, ASL Digest 2.10
TH 11: The Last Alliance, by Tim Hundsdorfer and Lars Thuring
SL 218: Operation Switchback, ASL Digest 6.3
SL 219: Scheldt Fortress South, ASL Digest 6.3
SL 220: Clearing The Breskins Pocket, ASL Digest 6.3
Wotanstellung, ASL Digest 6.4
Unsung Heros, ASL Digest 6.5

JDB 1: Across The Moro: Original Scenario: Across The Moro, by JD Barlow, ASL Digest 8.2 (February 28, 1998)

JDB 2: Casa Berardi Charge v.4: Original Scenario: Casa Berardi Charge v.4, by JD Barlow, ASL Digest 8.3 (March 31, 1998) JDB 3: Through The Hitler Line: Original Scenario: Through The Hitler Line, by JD BarlowASL Digest 8.4 (May 31, 1998)

Single Man Publishing Scenarios:

Crosstown Traffic Devuretschnaja USSR, 1 February, 1943 SS cyclists against Soviet calvary
End of the Line Khadyshenskaya, USSR,18 August 1942 German Jager's against Soviet Guards
Fire on Top Bastion Near Bishenpur, India, 6 June, 1944 Gurkhas against Japanese Engineers
The Fool and the Hero Near Lake Khasan, USSR, 31 July, 1938 Japanese night attack against dug in Soviets
Cracking Kharkov Near Lisogubovka,USSR, 15 February 1943 Soviet attack on LAH line in front of Kharkov
Rolling on the River Fuchin,Manchuria, 11 August 1945 Soviet riverine operation against dug in Japanese troops
Hogan's Heroes Somewhere in Germany April, 1945 Hogan takes on Klink and his gang at the end of the war.
Pining for the Fjords Liinakhamari, USSR 12 October 1944 Night Seaborne Assault in the Arctic Circle.
Back in the Saddle Along the Tiddum Road, Manipur 24 March 1944 Night Japanese attack on Gurkha position
Nachtjagd 6 March 1944, Balkovzi, USSR Night Soviet tank attack on German training unit

1988 Michicon ASL Tournament Scenarios
B1. Two Long Bars B2. Ice Follies B3. Prussian Panic B4. "Clear Up the Bridgehead."

BM 1: A Helping Hand - from the old ASL Crossroads

DD 1: Rescue My Friend: Original Scenario: Rescue My Friend, by Dan Dolan, ASL Digest 8.1 (January 16, 1998)

FE 35: Police Duty
FE 37: The Merville Battery

GL 1: Hill 67 , by Grant Linneberg, ASL Digest 7.9 (September 30, 1997)

HOB Scenarios, for free

JS 10: Check Out Time, by Jeff Shields, ASL Digest 6.8 (October 15, 1996)
JS 12: Gator Tracks, Original Scenario: Gator Tracks, by Jeff Shields, ASL Digest 7.4 (April 16, 1997)
MLR 1: Hana-Saku MLR 2: Troteval Farm MLR 3: Mooshof Melee
MLR 4: Sneek Attack MLR 5: Third Time Lucky MLR 6: Grenade And Bayonet

SI 1: Version 1.0 , by Marcus A. Teter, ASL Digest 7.8 (August 27, 1997)

SL 25: Resistance at Chabrehez, by Tim Hundsdorfer, ASL Digest 6.10 (December 15, 1996)
SL 41: Swatting at Tigers, Hit The Beach! 5:1:5 (April 2000, Southern California ASL Club)
SL 41: Swatting at Tigers, Scenario Remake: Swatting at Tigers, by John Slotwinski, ASL Digest 7.3 (March 27, 1997)
SL 300: Trial By Combat, by Chris Chapman, ASL Digest 7.1 (January 15, 1997)

* T7.875: Hell 253.5, Hit The Beach! 3:8:5 (November 1998, Southern California ASL Club)

TH PL 1: Marine! You Die! ASL Digest 6.6 (September 3, 1996)
TH 13: Red Tide, ASL Digest 6.6 (September 3, 1996)
TH 14: Midsummer's Night Dream, (Errata, MND, by Tim Hundsdorfer, ASL Digest 6.10 (December 15, 1996))

TSS 2: Hall of the Mountain King, ASL Digest 6.5
TSS 3: Thor's Hammer, by Terje Sparby, ASL Digest 6.8 (October 15, 1996)

View From The Trenches

V1 High Danger V2 Tebbe's Tigers 04 V3 Assault On A Queen V4 Only The Enemy In Front V5 No Easy Victories
V6 They Think It's All Over V7 The Hunting Ground V8 The Price of Arrogance V9 Jig Green East: Storming Le Hamel V10 Riposte At Dusk
V11 A Final Surprise V12 Nocturnal Attrition V13 Hunting Tigers V14 Last Train To Lodz V15 Commandos Eat Quiche
V16 The Eagle Has Landed V17 Becker's Battery V18 Dickie's Bridge    
V21 Festung Blerick V22 Unhorsed Todforce      

VV 19: Surgis de l'enfer!
VV23: Storm Over Mariupol
Z23: Setting The Woods On Fire Z24: Men Of Stone Z25: Knight's Move
Z26: The Cemetery Z27: The Corridor Z28: Soldiers of Construction

Armored Banzai, by Dan Owsen
Distinguished Service, ASL Digest 6.7 (October 5, 1996)
Sherman vs. Panther, Quickie Scenario: Sherman vs. Panther, by John Slotwinski, ASL Digest 7.4 (April 16, 1997)

Scenario Design


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