ASL Journal #3


Multi-Man Publishing (2003)


  A View From the Mound - Curt Pontificates
  The Norwegian Campaign, April 9th - June 8th, 1940
  The French Expeditionary Corps: Victory at Narvik
  A Two Month Stint: The Chasseurs de Podhale
  HOCH! HOCH! A Solitaire ASL Mission
  Slaughterhouse: A Scenario Review of J33
  A Case for Infiltration: Japanese Troops and Close Combat
  Collect for Output: How the Heck Did That Happen?!?
  Anti-Aircraft Guns - Employment and Tactics
  Strafer Jones - Air Support Mechanics
  Broadway to Prokhorovka: A Kursk Mini-CG
  Keep on Truckin' - Truck Transport and ASL
  Rules of Engagement - Playing ASL with SASL Guildlines
  B9.5 BOCAGE - Historical and ASL Perspective
  Comprehensive Deluxe WA Example - Ian Mans the Wall
  American Tragedy - The Story Behind the Scenario
  First Do No Harm - Designer's Notes for the 2nd Edition ASLRB


MMP's Description
ASL Journal 3 - reviewed, View From the Trenches 38:4


Scenario J38 "Bitter Defense at Otta": Ice rules do not apply.
Scenario J39 "Indeed!" In SSR 2, replace "[EXC: H4-I4]" with "[EX: H4-I4]".
Scenario J52 "Dress Rehearsal": BPSSRs apply (see page 60).
Scenario J53 "Setting the Stage": BPSSRs apply (see page 60); in Victory Conditions replace "33G6" with "33GG6"
Scenario J57 "Guards Artillery" In British setup, replace "any whole hex of board g" with "on board g". (i.e., not on board f or hexes shared with board f, but half hexes of board g not shared with board f are OK).
Scenario J60 "Bad Luck": In the Victory Conditions, replace the second instance of "Germans" with "Americans". Also, scenario design should be credited to Mike Licari.
"Keep on Truckin'" Page 6,: 3rd column, 2nd paragraph, line 7 and again line 8: "the Basic TK #" should read as "half of the Basic TK #".
"First Do No Harm", Page 78, column 3: delete the entire paragraph on section B1.16.
"Broadway to Prokhorovka", page 60, BPSSRs: The HS passenger of any SPW 250/sMG and/or SPW 251/sMG is a 3-4-8; page 61, table 2: chit #4 reinforcements enter on turn 1, not turn 2; page 61, column 2, Example of CG Play, line 7: replace "2 fatigue chits" with "1 fatigue chit".



J37: Tretten In Flames

J38: Bitter Defense at Otta J39: Indeed!
    J42: Grebbe End

J43: 3rd RTR in the Rain


J45: The Last Roadblock

J46: Strongpoint 11

    J50: The Cactus Farm

J51: Canicatti

J52: Dress Rehearsal J53: Setting the Stage J54: Showtime


J56: A Burnt Out Case J57: Guards Artillery   J59: Friday the 13th
J60: Bad Luck   J62: Lee's Charge

J63: Silesian Interlude

J64: American Tragedy      

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