ASL Journal #4


Multi-Man Publishing (2002)


History of the Game: Carriers, by Ian Daglish
The Fine Art of Bushwackin', by David Olie
Inventorying Your Overlays
FKaC Scenario Errata
Hall of Fame: 2002 Scenario Hall of Fame, by Robert Wolkey
Spotlight on the Forgotten Vehicles: The Indian Pattern Carrier, by Charles Markuss & Shaun Carter
Abandoned at the Edge of the World, by Laurent Closier
Scenario Analysis: J24: Smashing the Third, by Matt Shostak
The Percentage of Firepower, by Mark C. Nixon
Tips for Learning ASL, by John Slotwinski
Scenarios J66-J77
SASL Mission JM2
Tigers on the Sturm: A Sneak Peak at an Operation Veritable Goodie
Hit 'Em High, or Hit 'Em Low: Some Things About Light Mortars You Might Like to Know, by Simon Spinetti
'Bolts From Above


MMP's Description
Review, View From the Trenches 47/48:31


Q&A and Errata


J 68: Unlucky Thirteenth  
  J 71: Tomforce    
    J 76: Ultimate Treachery J77: Moses' Blazes

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