ASL Rule Book


Avalon Hill (1st Edition)/ Multi-Man Publishing (2nd Edition, 2004)



Chapters A, B, C, D, E, H (German/Russian), J, K (Days 1-8)
Expanded Index
Chapter Dividers A-J 2nd Edition


Binder and rules organised in chapters. Chapters A-D, H, J and N included. Subsequent Modules provide new chapters (and expansions of existing ones). Necessary for all ASL play.

2nd EDITION: Over the years since its original publication there were many errata and additions to the original set of rules. Some of these changes were through replacement pages, others by simple notation through Q&A. The ASLRB2 endeavours to incorporate ALL of these changes and updates in a single package, thus greatly increasing convenience to the players. In addition, the size of the typeface is increased and the overall layout improved. Chapters E and K are now additionally included in ASLRB2. Chapter N is removed (and Chapter N additions are removed from all 2nd Edition modules in which they were formerly included). The OBA and OVR flowcharts (previously included in the first two Action Packs) are now included.

In an ideal world, 1st edition ASLRB *plus* all known updates and errata would be equivalent to ASLRB2. Unfortunately, this is not the case; there are some updates to the ASL rules that are, to date, ONLY available to purchasers of 2nd edition. A list of what these changes are is included in ASL Journal #3. This is unfortunate, as it essentially makes purchase of the ASLRB2 essential for anyone who wants to be completely up-to-date. However, it should be emphasised that these changes are individually very minor and will have little to no effect on the vast majority of ASL games played, so in *that* respect owners of 1st Edition can consider ownership of 2nd Edition optional. (from the FAQ)

Changes in ASLRB V.2
ASLRB2 - Reviewed, Trev Edwards, View From the Trenches 36: 4
How Many tpyos can you fnid? by Brian Martin, View From the Trenches 36:6


Q&A and Errata

Designers Notes


Rulebook, some comments by Peter Young

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