Beyond Valor


Avalon Hill (1st Edition)/ Multi-Man Publishing (2nd Edition)



Second Edition. Third Edition will apparently NOT include Red Barricades materials: Boards 20, 21, 22, 23
2 Red Barricades Map Sheets
Chapter O 2nd Edition
Chapter O divider 2nd Edition

12 Counter sheets (some RB)
ASL Scenarios 1 - 10
Red Barricades Scenarios 1 - 7


1st module, German, Finnish, Russian and Partisan counters. Important informational counters, 4 mapboards (20-23), 10 scenarios. Required for all other modules (except Paratrooper). Boards 1 and 8 are recommended.

2nd EDITION: BV2 provides additional counters for rules added in Chapter E (now included in ASLRB2), has the Finnish in a new colour-scheme, but most significantly now includes the HASL module Red Barricades (and all necessary maps, counters, scenarios and rules, in the form of Chapter O).

Presently out of print, but due to be reprinted, apparently without Red Barricades. (from the FAQ)


Q&A and Errata

Designers Notes


ASL 1: Fighting Withdrawal ASL 2: Mila 18 ASL3: Czerniakow Bridgehead ASL 4: The Commissar's House ASL 5: In Sight Of The Volga
ASL 6: Red Packets ASL 7: Dash For The Bridge ASL 8: The Fugitives ASL 9: To the Square ASL 10: The Citadel

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