Avalon Hill (1st Edition)/Multi-Man Publishing (2nd Edition)



2nd module, intended as a transition module to the ASL system from Squad Leader. Normandy Airborne Invasion, June 6-8, 1944.

German and US intro module. Training manual (Chapter K), 1 mapboard (24), 8 scenarios. Used as intro to ASL. An excellent way to start learning the game, and much cheaper than BV (but you will need BV eventually). Boards 1-4 are required.

2nd EDITION: Para2 no longer includes Chapter K (it is now included as part of ASLRB2) but does now include dice and Boards 2 and 4 (but not boards 1 and 3). (from the FAQ)

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ASL 11: Defiance on Hill 30 ASL 12: Confusion Reigns ASL 13: Le Manoir ASL 14: Silence That Gun
ASL 15: Trapped! ASL 16: No Better Spot to Die ASL 17: Lost Opportunities ASL 18: The Roadblock

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