AAR - Cornwall's Bill

King of the Hill 6

Ed Carter and I played KH6 Cornwall's Bill last Friday night. I hadn't seen KH before, but the map was cool - surely lots of carnage on the open ground! Neither of us had a preference for sides, so I volunteered to take the British.

I put 2 foxholes on the small hill (111?) with an LMG, 2 squads, a 7-0 leader, and the 100mm arty radio. The rest of the British went on the large hill, with the 9-2, some 458s/LMG looking straight down the hill.

Ed put his at-start forces behind the hedge in the woods and foxholes of the German setup area (British left).

On turn 1, my Shermans drove onto the board, not really sure what to do (see lessons learned). I parked three on the small hill and sent the rest up onto the big hill.

I managed to break most of Ed's at-start forces (with some accurate Sherman fire) until the 20 SS squads and three Tigers entered on Turn 3. Each Tiger came on with a big stack using armored assault; the remaining SS came up the hill in single squads.

Ed's Tigers really put the hurt on my Shermans (it would have been worse, but one Tiger malf'ed both MA and CMG). I didn't seek HD positions for them initially, and half paid for it (three were flamed). However, the Shermans that did survive scored many hits on the SS infantry. One of the big SS stacks stayed put most of the game under DM, fanatic, disrupted, and wound counters (we overlooked the fact that SS can't disrupt).

Eventually, German artillery fire broke my 100 mm spotter (allowing the Nazis to pour up the hill), and an FFE CH eliminated my 9-2 / 458 / LMG position. The rout was on! With only three GO squads and two Shermans remaining (my last tank on the big hill was killed in CC), I conceded the scenario.

We didn't keep track of the 2's and 12's that we rolled, but there were way more than there should have been! The most memorable was Ed rolling a CH on a Sherman, doubling his TK#, and resolving it with another 2! However, there were only about 4 sniper activations.

Lessons learned:

  1. Find good firing positions for the Shermans on a crest and get them hull down ASAP! Three flaming Shermans would have lasted longer had I done this! Many Tiger shells found only dirt on the hill.
  2. Consider massing British infantry on the big hill. The small one's not worth much anyway.
  3. It's easier than you think to score a CH using the infantry target type (DR < half the modified TH#). In other words, don't stack in the open (even under a Tiger).
  4. Don't set up in foxholes behind hedges if you want to fire over them!
  5. SS squads pass morale checks like nobody's business!