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ASL G9: Sunday of the Dead


This may be old hat to a lot of you ASL vets. It's a desert scenario with a few twists.

The "British" (actually S. Africans ... 2 ELR) have two 80 mm OBAs, with Pre-Regs and Barrages. They have three 25 pounders (88s), which can really tear up the German tanks, and few 40Ls mounted on Crusaders and trucks. They need all that to protect their 8 squads, who only have Sangars to protect them. They basically set up in a corner of the play area.

The Germans have a phalanx of Mk IIs, IIIs and IVs. They also have a 50 L gun line, 100 mm OBA and 22 squads. They basically have to overrun the S. African guns and exit.

The problem: There's Heavy Wind, which means no Smoke. It's also Moist, which means no blowing Sand. This all means the Germans have to come across 2 or 2-and-a-half boards of open terrain against the S. Africans!

When I and Bob Gray (yes, he too exists) played it, the S. African OBA couldn't fail, walking all over the German trucks and infantry. The 100 OBA should've done some damage, but I kept lucking out on my MCs, and gun repairs. The Germans never made it to my barrage lines, which would've been interesting.

Some tips for the Germans: Use the OBA and 75 mm tank guns to open holes. Use the 50 Ls to protect your tanks and flanks, and kill those Crusaders! When they run out of targets, mount them up and move them offboard for VPs. And in general, spread out as you advance.

I can't recommend too much about the S. Africans ... I spread out my Sangars so they all wouldn't be hit by that 100 mm OBA. I set up in a triangle in the corner, with my 8-1 and HMG in the most exposed corner ... which was right where the Germans headed. Think "fire lanes." Use the 80 mm OBAs to go after the Infantry and trucks, especially when together.

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