After Action Reports & Scenario Analysis

RPIII 2: Flamed in France

Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 16:32:30 -0500

From: Paul Kenny

Subject: ASL: Rout Pack III-2 Flamed in France-A Forgotten Gem


Here is a forgotten classic.

This scenario pits 8 German Tanks and 3 PSW 231 8 Rad AC's vs 9 British tanks, mostly A 13 MkII's with some Mk VI tankettes thrown in.

The Germans get 2 -1 AL's while the Brits get 1. Scenario is 5 Turns

Both the Brits and the Germans enter from opposite ends of boards 17 and 18 (with limited MP) and the VC require each side to a) gain CVP, b)EVP (worth double VP), or c) VP for AFVs ending game in other sides half of the map.

The game is a great AFV battle where you really don't know which VP path to take. Do you get aggressive and charge the opponent trying to destroy tanks and get your tanks in the victory area? Do you play conservative, avoid a fight try and outmaneuver your opponent and rush for the board edge? or do you do a combination of each strategy? I am currently in the midst of the game and was playing aggressive, was doing quite well having knocked out 3 tanks when lo' and behold my German opponent knocked out one of my flanking tanks and sprinted. Now I find my self with one turn to go all the exits blocked and having to rush about trying to knock out tanks and having to make my self vulnerable to get at him. He is still concealed behind woods. This scenario requires a players full use of his AFV talents, including smoke, sD, Hull Down, BFF, mechanical reliability, even ESB. Even with all that has happened the scenario is still a complete toss up. One thing I have learned is no matter what you do leave some defenders back to protect the exits cause those Double VP for exiting can be a killer!

BTW ROAR has no playings for this which is a pity as this scenario has classic written all over it. My compliments to the scenario designer.



I highly recommend this scenario

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