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SoN 3: The Golden Mountain

SoN 3 The Golden Mountain        27 Feb 1936

The Setting: 
One half of board 25 is used to simulate The Golden Mountain. During the night of 26, 27 February a group of sixty volunteers climbed Golden Mountain. They found the Ethiopian pickets asleep and consequently took the mountain in short order. At dawn the Ethiopians counter attacked.

The opposing forces: The Italians have 6.5 squads and three machine guns to defend the board 25 hill. All the Italians are fanatic and they deserve to be since they are surrounded by Ethiopians hell bent on impaling then with a spear.

The Ethiopians must take at least 4 level four hexes back from the Italians including one hex with a Sangar on it. The Ethiopians have 13 squads and a 75mm Gun at start. They are joined on turn two by three more squads and on turn 3 by an additional two squads that enter on the backside of the hill.

The Defense:
The Italians should be able to cover all the level four hexes with fire lanes and squads on the reverse slope. A gully across the top of the hill give the Italian the ability to claim crest status. The Italians must pay particular attention to covering their left flank. Its bad enough that two squads are going to end up in the Italian back field but add another three and it may be impossible to avoid the dreaded death for failure to rout. The two main goals for the Italians are to break the squads that enter in the Italian backfield and to kill the crew manning the 75mm Art piece. The other main goal is to break as many Ethiopians on the forward slope as possible. If they succeed in that endeavor then that will make the end much easier.

The Attack: 
The Ethiopian will do the assault move advance up the hill. Carpet fire groups will target individual Italian squads. The turn two and three forces need to infiltrate the Italian rear. Around turn four it will be time to go onto the hill and pull out the knives. If the Italian can be eliminated prior to game end there will be no last turn heroics. That is the real goal for the Ethiopians.

The AAR: 
Turn 1A: The Ethiopians start up hill Italian Defensive fire breaks one squad but Battle Hardens an Ethiopian Leader.

Turn 1B: Italian tries to break the 75mm Art crew but fails Ethiopian return fire is also ineffective.

Turn 2A: The Italian mmg squad breaks after being hit by the 75mm Gun. The Ethiopian sniper finds an Italian squad and breaks it. The Ethiopian reinforcements start to infiltrate the Italian rear as the Ethiopians continue to assault move advance up the hill.

Turn 2B: Italian doesnt rally either squad. Ethiopian Defensive Fire Battle Hardens the Italian 9-1. A 347 drops a lmg and advances into the Sangar to help the 9-2 with the mmg. The 136 advances up and grabs the lmg that the 347 dropped. Ethiopian Fire also pins Italian 8-0 preventing him from helping to rally the 447.

Turn 3A: Mr. Fanatic 9-2 and 347 survive a 3MC after being clobbered by the 75 yet again. The entire left flank of the Ethiopian flank is crushed in Defensive Fire. 1 squad is killed outright. Two leaders and four other squads are broken and forced to retreat back down the hill. However, an additional two squads join the Ethiopians and begin infiltrating up the hill.

Turn 3B: The Italians suffer their first loss when they box a rally roll. Italian Prep kills the Ethiopian 8-1 and breaks two more squads. The Ethiopian Critical Hits the Sangar, which breaks the squad and pins the leader. Mr. 9-2 voluntarily breaks to hopefully help with rally duty. The hs drops the lmg and takes over mmg duty in the Sangar.

Turn 4A: The Ethiopian 75 KIAs the sangar hs. To Ethiopians continue to press the hill. They capture the Sangar hex and have enough hill hexes for the win. The Italian 8-0 dies for failure to rout.

Turn 4B: The Italians lose a lmg on a repair roll. They do manage to break one of the squads on the hill and pin another. In Defensive fire the Ethiopian breaks an Italian squad which dies for failure to rout.

Turn 5A: The Ethiopians goal is to take an insurance hex or two and to tie up the Italians in CC to prevent any last turn heroics. In prep fire the Ethiopian breaks yet another Italian squad with no where to rout. They take an additional hex and tie up 1 squad in CC.

Turn 5B: The Italian manages to rally his dm 9-2 and 1.5 squads. The Italian assault moves adjacent to the Sangar and survives all defensive fire. They advance into CC with Ethiopians who have 2 x 127, 2 x 237 and an 8-1 leader. The Ethiopians roll cars and the Italians roll a 3 & win the 1 2 CC for a last minute win!

This is a tight battle that is very dicey. I think this game will come down to the last turn more times then not. It plays very fast (< 2 hours) Overall Id give it a 6 or maybe even a seven. Play it with no balance.


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