After Action Reports & Scenario Analysis

ASL 4: The Commissar's House


Scenario Source

Beyond Valor

Background Notes/Designer Notes

Errata (as of 9/04 - update?)

In SSR 3, the Russians should have Level A Booby Trap capability--not Level C. {96}


* Another Look at the Commissar's House, by Cariaga, Doug, Banzai!! 2.2:2 (Mar-97, Austin ASL Club)
* Scenario Analysis: The Commisar's House, by Matt Shostak, ASL Digest 7.4 (April 16, 1997)

After Action Reports


* The Australian Balancing System, by Chaney, Guy McGrath, Mike, View From the Trenches 17/18:24 (Mar-98)

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