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ASL 108: Guards Attack

(also ASL A35)

Scenario Source

For King and Country (MMP)
ASL Annual `90 (Avalon Hill)

Background Notes/Designer Notes

Errata (as of 4/25/04 - incorporated into FKaC version)

• Shorten Game Length to 7 turns.
• Replace the Victory Conditions with the following: “The Germans win at game end if they have more Good Order squad-equivalents than the British on hill hexes of board 2. Good Order MMC on Level 3 hexes count double.”
• Replace SSR 4 with the following: “One German 8-0 possessing the radio must set up HIP to direct the fire of a single offboard 75* leIG 18 INF Gun (German Ordnance Note 15). Radio Contact must be gained/maintained normally, but Battery access is NA. The 8-0 serves as a spotter (C9.3) and all principles of spotted indirect fire (C9.3-.31) apply [EXC: Gun Malfunction is NA], including ROF decrease (C3.33) and target acquisition. For TH# determination purposes, range is counted from hex 3A5.”.
• In the British balance replace “7 Turns” with “6 Turns”.


After Action Reports


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