After Action Reports & Scenario Analysis

ASL A47: White Tigers

Scenario Source

ASL Annual `90 (Avalon Hill)


* Hall of Fame: 2002 Scenario Hall of Fame, by Robert Wolkey, ASL Journal 4:15 (2002, Multi-Man Publishing)

Background Notes/Designer Notes



* Favorite Scenarios: Whoever dies with the most scenarios wins, by John Slotwinski, Conscripts! 1.2:4 (Jan-01, D.C. Conscripts)

After Action Reports

* J Westlake vs. D Bardi: "Bled" - White Tigers: ASL Scen A47, by Jamie Westlake, Crossfire August 1996:3 (Army Group South)
* Brian Abela
* Michael J. Licari vs. Tom Mueller


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