After Action Reports & Scenario Analysis

ASL I: Buchholz Station


Scenario Source

Classic ASL (Multi-Man Publishing)
The General 24.1 (Avalon Hill)
Squad Leader (Avalon Hill) (SL version)

Background Notes/Designer Notes




* Squad Leader Clinic: No Hollow Threat, by Jon Mishcon, The General 24:6:25-26 (reprint: ASL Classic:9 (1997, Multi-Man Publishing))
* ASL Scenario Selection: Lost but Not Forgotten, by Summers, Rich, ASL Stuff:36 (WCW)
* Swimming with the Sharks: In the Buchholz Station Aquarium, by Banozic, Robert, ASL Stuff:35 (WCW)

After Action Reports

Germans: Peter Palmer vs. Americans: Sean O'Breaoghain


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