After Action Reports & Scenario Analysis

ASL J28: Inhumaine

(HOW 11)


Scenario Source

ASL Journal 2 ( Multi-Man Publishing)
Hell on Wheels Battle Pack (Bounding Fire Productions)



Short note, by Rob Seulowitz

Background Notes/Designer Notes

Errata (as of 9/04)

SSRs 1, 2, & 3 should refer to building M6, not building P6 (P6 is open ground).


Fighting with Hell On Wheels - scenario analysis, View From The Trenches 32: 16

After Action Reports

Sam Belcher vs. Russ Bunten Eric Weiss vs. Jay Long Kent Henson vs.anon
David Lagraffe vs. Jason Cameron Allen King (US) vs. Charles Stampley (Ger)  


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